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Sam Grief

Sam AGE: 17

Location: Derby, Derbyshire. England

Sam got his novice road race licence at the age of 15 in Summer 2013. During the same year Sam and his Dad Zac built a little Kreidler 50cc race bike to compete in the British Classic 50cc Championship. They entered the last race of the season at Darley Moor that year and everything that could go wrong did, not a single lap completed in 1 practice and 2 races.

The bike was rebuilt over the winter and 4 of the 6 rounds were contested in 2014 for overall 3rd place in the championship. The first win was had in 2014 at his local circuit of Darley Moor, what an emotional day for Father and Son.

The machine was again rebuilt over the winter with a new and better cylinder for the 2015 season. This year has been an amazing year. So far 19 races have been entered over the 4 circuits of Aberdare, Tonfanau, Darley Moor and Three Sisters, of the 19 entered 17 have been won by a good margin. Only 2 machine failures with a stripped wheel spindle nut at race 2 Tonfanau and a snapped chain in race 1 at Aberdare.

The Classic 50cc machine is put in with up to 250cc single machines at Tonfanau and at the last race Sam managed to get the class win and overall second place, an awesome achievement on a 50cc bike. Stanley Woods watched the race and made a point of shaking Sam's hand. Sam is also kindly sponsored with a ride on John Lewis's Kawasaki KR1S 250 at Tonfanau.

Sam also owns the lap records at Tonfanau, Darley Moor and Aberdare. The second Aberdare race showed fantastic rider skills and bravery. Battling atrocious weather and despite competing against modern machinery using modern tyres/ tyre warmers Sam managed a class win and second overall.

Mike Cook  who held the 50cc lap record at the circuit for 21 years, also on a Kreidler came to Aberdare and watched Sam take the new record this year. Sam took the lap record in his very first race at The Park.